Code the World!

Welcome back to your coding world! Give unto your world physics, collisions and lights. Populate your domain with Shapes, Shades and Normals. And after all that, the most precious gift of all, AI. Build a loyal squire, craft a worthy adversary, with numerous mobs and creeps in between. And when you are ready, machine learning is there to help. Dive into the virtual world of codes with us. You will learn on a more advanced level how to code, integrate codes, write coding text, and manipulate machine learning and AI.

Topics include:

Program Readability & Portability

Coding Decisions & Game Theory

Metadata Processing

Object Construction & Destruction

Unity implementation

3D Environments and Effects

Analytics & Sorting

Scripts & Packages

Normal Mapping

Formats & Limitations

Interactions between Objects

Physics Simulations

External I/O Devices

API Implementations

Network Communications

3D Animation

Ongoing Developments