Code the World!

What’s it going to be then, my little coder friend? Code a companion program to help you now and then. Code a little game app to share it with your friends. Drop a few vertices, and make an art piece for you and me. Print a little STL, and hang it on a tree. Coding makes the world go round. With a few codes here, and a few clicks there, let your thoughts soar, and your ideas run free. Your children will learn how to code, manage codes, and write coding text in project-based, multimedia platforms.

Topics include:

Code Optimization

Naming System & Commenting

Graphical Effects

Hit Box & Hit Detection

Functions & Procedures

Program Modification & Patches

Simple Artificial Programming Concepts

Sequenced Actions

Randomization and Probability

Object-Oriented Programming Basics

Machine Learning Basics

Text-Based Programming

Simple Physics Simulation

Data collection and Processing

3D Objects & Graphics

Concept & Pseudo Code

Debugging Techniques